Dear Friends,

A cordial "Hello together" of you new President, I am very proud havind been chosen to head the 41 Clubs Belgium and would like to thank you all for the trust placed in me;

It will be a great honour for me to lead ou club together with my Board within the meaning of our Constitutions in a new area :

  • the age of communication
  • the age of tolerance
  • the age of friendship of all regions, both nationally and internationally

 Personally, the following points are particularly in my mind :

  • 41 Clubs Belgium has to be more attractive again for age-relates outgoing Tablers. So it is important to expand and modernize the channels and opportunities of communication. A "41 Clubs APP" is switched for this reason.
  • The creation of boards for the 5 existing zones. Because the constant number increase in our membership inevitably needs a new organization of our mouvement, so that the information between membres and National Board are faster.
  • The creation of a TRAVEL FUND for the purpose of motivating our members to visit international events of the 41 Clubs ans so become direct Ambassadors of the 41 Clubs Belgium".

We have realized a real good start, the enthusiasm for ou Club is experiencing a new boom. New Clubs want te be installed...

Let us work together to fruther our aims and objects and look forward to the results !

Yours in 41,

Didier Van Calster

National President 41 Clubs Belgium 2016/2017

: 194346